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Jennifer Lopez or fondly called J Lo is indeed one of the most successful Latina superstar ever to have conquered both Hollywood and the music industry all at the same time. This multi-talented lady is not only pretty but she is one awesome dancer as well. Her biggest break in her acting career came when she did the true-to-life story of Selena, a Latina superstar who is considered to be the Madonna of Mexico who rose to fame before she was gunned down by a deranged fan who happened to be her manager and at the same time J Lo came out with several dance hit singles which marked her as one of the most successful Latina artists ever to break into the American Billboard charts. She is one absolutely sexy and gorgeous feline that we dedicate to her this small collection of some of the hottest and sleaziest porn pictures of J Lo guaranteed to make you hot all over, and we have it all right here at Jennifer Lopez Porn Pictures.

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J Lo and Marc Anthony’s twins baptised

It was reported that celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had already baptised their twins Max and Emme last April 12.

The intimate ceremony for the twin tots was held in a church located in Long Island, New York and the couple hosted a reception attended by close friends and family members at their Brookville home.

Source close to the two said that they didn’t want a huge ceremony and instead invited their very close friends and immediate family members to the occasion. Both Max and Emme did not cry during the baptismal rights and their parents looked extremely proud of the two.

It has also been reported that Marc Anthony bought his wife a $300,000 eight-carat yellow canary diamond ring as part of celebrating the birth of their twins.


J Lo looks stunning after her pregnancy

Jennifer Lopez and husband singer Marc Anthony was seen leaving the Waverly Inn in New York after they attended a birthday party for Georgina Chapman and everyone was stunned to see a gorgeous and sexier J Lo who just gave birth to twins shortly over a month and a half ago.

She came out from the establishment wearing a yellow dress with large gold hoop earrings and a white bracelet with her light brown hair flowing freely downwards and she was stunningly beautiful.

Her twins max and Emme were born on February 22, 2008 and both were baptized recently last April 12.


Lopez gets $6 million for baby pics

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony were reportedly paid a whopping $6 million dollars for the first pictures of their newborn twins Max and Emme.

People magazine scampered to get exclusive rights for the baby pictures and show to the entire world the month-old twins for the first time. It toppled Christina Aguilera’s standing figure of $1.5 million paid by a rival publication when they asked for the first few pictures of the singer’s first born son Max.

It is said that tabloid editors claim that these stars are competing to rake in the money from magazines. And citing one example like Angelina Jolie who is reported to be pregnant with twins, she could expect a staggering $10 million for the baby pictures.